Multiurethanes skilled technicians routinely assist with the installation, maintenance and repairing of grouting equipment, as required by construction companies for highly specialized applications.





Equipment Service & Repair

Maintenance and service of  specialty grouting equipment such as grout pumps, colloidal mixers, agitator tanks, and grout plants

Maintenance and configuration of portable power systems and electrical components for use on project sites

Installation and programming of grout monitoring equipment

On-site troubleshooting of grouting equipment

Service& Repair Featured Projects

Grouting Equipment Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

Maintenance and service of electric grout pumps, progressive cavity pumps and piston grout pumps for a variety of grouting operations, providing on-site troubleshooting and technical support


Monitoring Equipment Installation.

Installation and programming of electromagnetic flow-meter and density-meter monitoring systems for diverse chemical and cement grouting operations


Power Plant Assembly.

Design and assembly of high-voltage power supply systems to operate large-scale cement grout plant at remote job site locations


Bentonite-based hydrophilic waterstops have a practical capacity for expansion of only 1-to-2 times the original volume. Without restraint, bentonite materials continue to swell in an uncontrolled manner and lose their physical properties after prolonged submersion under saturated conditions. Bentonite-based waterstops frequently fail when subjected to hydrostatic water head and become extruded from the construction joints, thus allowing subsequent water infiltration. Most available bentonite waterstops do not have a delay coating which results in premature swelling in green concrete.

Volumetric expansion

Other hydrophilic materials are manufactured from natural rubber, which provides inferior long-term durability. Natural rubber products are prone to stress relaxation and microbial attack over time. Natural rubber materials provide low rates of expansion, which may not maintain long-term sealing integrity after joint movement.

Hydrotite is manufactured from synthetic rubber to provide excellent durability over time and exhibits improved resistance against long-term stress relaxation and microbial deterioration.

Hydrotite CJ-0725 details