A building and garage restoration contractor observed extensive cracks in the concrete and water infiltration through the foundation walls.

Working within the underground parking garage, 3/8″ diameter holes were drilled every 8 inches at a depth of 10 inches. Alternating holes were drilled on each side of the crack, at a 60-degree angle to intersect the crack at the mid-point of the foundation wall. Plastic packers were then installed into the drilled holes and flushed with water/acid solution to rid debris from the holes and the crack itself.

Chemical grout was then injected into the drilled holes filling the fine cracks and forming a flexible foam barrier, sealing the crack, preventing further water discharge.

Chemical grout injection using our MME Flexible Resin, MME Flexible Accelerator, Crack Flushing Agent, 3/8″ plastic packers, and two chemical grout pumps were used to seal the cracks in the foundation wall.

The application eliminated the continued water seepage into the garage, allowing for the parking garage to be returned to service.