Thermal Grout, also known as thermal grouting or thermal insulation grout, is a material used in construction and engineering to provide thermal insulation and structural stability to buildings, pipelines, and other structures.

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What is Thermal Grouting?

Thermal Grout is a specialized cement-based, pumpable fill material meticulously designed and tested to achieve low thermal resistivity specifically for electrical transmission infrastructure. This innovative material serves a crucial role by filling the annular space between liners that carry electrical transmission cables.

In the process of electrical transmission, the cables generate heat under load. The efficient transfer of this heat to the surrounding ground is paramount. Thermal Grouts excel in this task, playing a vital role in controlling cable temperatures and, consequently, extending the lifespan of cables within underground carrier systems.

Our commitment to quality ensures that Thermal Grouting Services provided by us contribute to the overall efficiency and longevity of underground electrical transmission projects.


  • Underground Electrical Transmission

  • Underground Electrical Distribution

  • Electrical Infrastructure

Thermal Grouting Projects

Thermal Grouting of Annular Space
Greater Toronto Area, ON

Multiurethanes Grouting Specialists, our dedicated team is committed to upholding the highest standards of quality control (QC) in our operations. As an integral part of our quality assurance practices, we conduct rigorous on-site tests to meticulously evaluate and verify that the samples derived from our grouting processes meet the stringent QC requirements set forth by industry standards.

Thermal Grouting of Annular Space

       Greater Toronto Area, ON

Vital to the safeguarding of the installed infrastructure, the conscientious monitoring of pumping pressure emerges as a critical imperative. Within this intricate tapestry of construction practices, the monitoring of pumping pressure stands as a linchpin for comprehensive risk mitigation and operational safety.

Thermal Grouting of Annular Space

      Greater Toronto Area, ON

The preparation for grouting involves a meticulous arrangement and alignment of the cable duct bank components, ensuring a precise fit and alignment that meets rigorous industry standards. The ducts are positioned in such a way that not only optimizes space utilization but also allows for efficient cable installation and maintenance.

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