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We offer a broad range of injection products, including specialized chemical grouts, cement-based grouts, microfine cements and additives

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We sell, rent and service a wide range of grouting equipment and accessories for the heavy civil construction, tunnelling and mining industries

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If you are interested in distributing Multiurethanes products and equipment in your region, please contact us!

35 Years Of Innovative Grouting Solutions

Since 1988, we have become an innovative leader in Grouting Services by helping our customers to overcome difficult site conditions using specialized chemical and cement grouting techniques.

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Typically used in crack injection at the periphery of a development heading, leak sealing and void filling

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Grout mixes using Portland cement and Microfine cement for rock and soil grouting applications

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Used for applications that require a low density, lightweight and highly flowable material

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Polyurethane crack injection to seal cracks and stop water leaking


We provide technical guidance on practical work applications for a variety of complex crack injection projects.

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We implement soil stabilization techniques based on the injection of polyurethane resins in excavation or shaft collar construction projects to prevent soil liquefaction.


Typical water cut-off challenges resolved by our hands-on technicians include large-volume high-pressure water inflows, and construction through broken and water-bearing ground conditions.

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