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Product Data Sheets

MME Flexible Resin

Flexible water-reactive polyurethane suitable for water cut-off applications in concrete structures for concrete applications.

MME Universal Resin

Semi-rigid water-reactive polyurethane, used in rock tunnels and underground mines to stop water inflows.

Crack Flushing Agent

Concentrated, solvent-free, non-toxic solution that is diluted on site and used to clean cracks and construction joints in concrete structures.

Rigid Grout

Two-component water-reactive polyurethane, used for void filling applications beneath or between concrete slabs.


Gel-forming Hydrophilic polyurethane injection resin used to seal leaking cracks in manholes and sewers.

Pump Cleaner

Flushing solution for chemical grout pumps.

Celbex 653

Thixotropic cement grout additive for cement grouts when grouting into weak soil conditions or to prevent wash-outs when water filled or flowing water conditions exist.

Microfine Cement (Superfine)

Microfine Cement (Superfine) for speciality grouting applications for grouting of rock fissures in underground tunnels and for establishing cut-off walls in dam abutments where conventional cement grouts cannot penetrate.

Ciment Fondu

Additive for Fast-Curing Cement Grout Mixes. This product is typically used in refractory applications where high temperature resistance is required, as well as applications that require corrosion resistance.


Non-chloride, high-range, water-reducing admixture used to disperse cement particles and reduce cohesion of cement grouts, resulting in increased fluidity to improve cement grout penetration.

Electric-Powered Chemical Grout Pump

Multiurethanes Impact 410 Pumps are typically used for most concrete crack injection projects using water-reactive polyurethane resins.

Air-Powered Chemical Grout Pump

Multiurethanes President Pump is used on mining, tunnel, shaft and heavy civil construction projects for injection of chemical grouts to resolve problems with water inflows, soil stabilization and voids.

Air-Powered Cement Grout Pump

The CG-050/A is a portable, skid-mounted, air-powered grout pump. The lightweight aluminum design makes this pump perfect for smaller cement grouting jobs.

Manual Cement Grout Pump

The CG-050/M is a portable, skid-mounted, hand-operated grout pump. The lightweight aluminum design makes this pump perfect for smaller cement grouting jobs.

Air-Powered Cement Grout Plant

The CG-500-3X8/A grout plant is a complete grouting system that combines a high-pressure double-acting plunger pump with two high-efficiency paddle mixers to permit continuous pumping as each mix tank alternates feeding the pump.

Safety Data Sheets

MME Flexible Resin – Safety Data Sheet

MME Flexible Accelerator – Safety Data Sheet

MME Universal Resin – Safety Data Sheet

MME Universal Accelerator – Safety Data Sheet

Crack Flushing Agent – Safety Data Sheet

Rigid Grout A – Safety Data Sheet

Rigid Grout B – Safety Data Sheet

Pump Cleaner – Safety Data Sheet

Multi-Gel – Safety Data Sheet

Celbex 653 – Safety Data Sheet

Microfine Cement – Safety Data Sheet

Ciment Fondu – Safety Data Sheet

Superplasticizer – Safety Data Sheet


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Technical Papers

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Considerations for cement additives

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