CIMENT FONDU > Additive for Fast-Curing Cement Grout Mixes


Multiurethanes CIMENT FONDU consists mainly of calcium aluminates (CaO & Al2O3) and other minor ingredients. This product is typically used in refractory applications where high temperature resistance is required, as well as applications that require corrosion resistance.


Multiurethanes CIMENT FONDU is used in conjunction with Type GU and Type HE cement in mining projects to set drill casing and grout standpipes where rapid hardening of cement grout is required. In heavy civil applications, the same combinations may be used to seal fractured ground conditions where re-drilling is required to set instrumentation or rock anchors.

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  • High-temperature resistance
  • High corrosion resistance
  • A ratio of 75/25 (or 3:1 by weight) Type GU:CIMENT FONDU provides optimum rapid hardening of cement grout with about 15-20 minutes curing time.

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20 kg plastic pails