CIMENT FONDU > Additive for Fast-Curing Cement Grout Mixes


Multiurethanes CIMENT FONDU consists mainly of calcium aluminates (CaO & Al2O3) and other minor ingredients. This product is typically used in refractory applications where high-temperature resistance is required, as well as applications that require corrosion resistance.


  • High-temperature resistance

  • High corrosion resistance

  • A ratio of 75/25 (or 3:1 by weight) Type GU:CIMENT FONDU provides optimum rapid hardening of cement grout with about 15-20 minutes curing time.

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  • Used in conjunction with Type GU and Type HE cement in mining projects to set drill casing and grout standpipes where rapid hardening of cement grout is required.
  • In heavy civil applications, the same combinations may be used to seal fractured ground conditions where re-drilling is required to set instrumentation or rock anchors.

Technical Data

Packaging 20 kg plastic pails