MULTIGEL > Gel Forming Water-Reactive Polyurethane Resin


MULTIGEL is a solvent-free, non-toxic, single-component water-reactive polyurethane injection resin. It reacts with water to form a flexible hydrophilic barrier. Depending on the amount of water in the mixture, when cured, MULTI-GEL will vary in consistency from strong elastic rubber-like foams, to stable gels containing as much as 800% water. After curing, MULTI-GEL absorbs limited amounts of water and will shrink slowly if allowed to dry.



MULTI-GEL was developed to seal active cracks and joints in underground sewers and manholes, even when large seepages or flowing leaks are encountered.


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  • In the range of 2:1 to 8:1 water:resin ratios, hydrophilic gels are obtained in less than one minute
  • Non-flammable and contains no volatile solvents
  • High penetration rates through soils and grouted soils can be excavated

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20 KG pail