Lucan has a wide variety of experience on civil, mining, tunneling, industrial and commercial construction sites.
He can plan and execute both chemical and cement grouting projects for water-stop, soil stabilization, and void filling operations.

Lucan Wilson - Grouting Specialist

Work History


2003 to date

Multiurethanes Ltd. - Mississauga, ON
Multiurethanes Inc. - Buffalo, NY

2003 - 2020

Various Construction,
Industrial and Waterproofing Experience, ON

General Safety Certificates


  • Working at Heights

  • Ontario Ministry of Labour Worker Health and Safety Awareness

  • Ontario Ministry of Labour Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness

  • Confined Space Awareness

  • First aid Training

  • Basic Underground Hard Rock Mine Service Type Common Core

  • Elevated Work Platform

Specialty Skills

  • Chemical Grouting - Concrete crack injection, confined space injection work, hydro-power water-stop and contact grouting, specialty resins (polyurethane, epoxy, acrylamide, acrylic), water stop, void fill.

  • Cement Grouting - Rock grouting (Microfine/HE Cement), Non-Shrink grout placement, concrete restoration, water testing.

  • Cellular Grouting – High and low output operations

  • Thermal Grouting – Specialty thermal grouting operations

  • Mining – Surface and underground grouting works, shaft grouting

Types of Sites Serviced

  • Surface Mine Sites

  • Underground Mine Sites

  • Tunneling Projects

  • Hydro Electric Dams

  • Shored Excavations

  • Heavy Civil Construction – Bridges, Grade Separations, Culverts

  • Residential Construction – Parking garages, foundations, elevator shafts

  • Municipal Infrastructure – Manholes, valve chambers, shafts, pipes

  • Underground Concrete Structures – Pools, Reservoirs, Cisterns

  • Industrial Facilities – Refineries, Power Plants, Factories

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