While working on site at a Toronto Lakeshore high-rise development adjacent to Lake Ontario, MME Multiurethanes encountered a challenging situation performing water abatement and soil stabilization for the required high-rise foundation construction. With frigid January temperatures, the soil on one side of the wall became too unstable to work around. The site superintendents decided to halt all construction work while MME Multiurethanes stabilized the soil and stopped the flow of water.

Our grouting specialists faced with the challenge of securing the worksite to achieve these goals. Our team developed an innovative and unique solution; consisting of attaching a metal plate between perpendicular supports to strengthen the cracked wall, drilling grout equipment access holes in the metal plate, and performing cement grouting injections.

This solution proved to be very successful and our client was extremely impressed with our team’s innovation and quick thinking to de-escalate an unsafe work environment, as well as the completion of our assigned tasks. They have since asked us to perform this same solution technique to other challenging projects.