A general contractor required MME Multiurethanes ’ assistance with the installation of Hydrotite CJ-3030 in precast concrete panels in the construction of a headwall, as part of the overflow system at an oil sands facility, north of Fort McMurray, AB.

Unlike a conventional, poured in place concrete headwall with engineered waterstop, this installation presented various challenges. This application required the Hydrotite to be installed within tight tolerances to allow the precast panels to line-up correctly. Additionally, in order for the Hydrotite to be effective, it had to firmly adhere to the precast concrete surface.

A team of six members from the general contractor’s personnel was trained by MME Multiurethanes’ engineers on how to install Hydrotite on the precast headwall panels. Following specific guidelines, the training provided for the client detailed the proper surface preparation, the appropriate positioning and the anchoring method for this Hydrotite installation.

MME Multiurethanes’ on-site technical support continued throughout all stages of the Hydrotite installation. After the completion of the Hydrotite application, the panels were successfully placed on a concrete leveling pad to form the required headwall.