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Grant possesses a wide range of grouting expertise and project management. His portfolio of successful projects includes cellular grouting, thermal grouting, soil stabilization, underground mine grouting, surface mine grouting and shaft grouting.

Grant Davis – Senior Director, Field Services

Work History


2003 to date

Multiurethanes Ltd. - Mississauga, ON
Multiurethanes Inc. - Buffalo, NY

1999 to 2001

Bristol Marine, Port Credit, ON

General Safety Certificates


  • Working at Heights

  • Ontario Ministry of Labour Worker Health and Safety Awareness

  • Ontario Ministry of Labour Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness

  • Confined Space Awareness

  • First aid Training

  • Basic Underground Hard Rock Mine Service Type Common Core

  • Elevated Work Platform

Specialty Skills

  • Chemical Grouting – Concrete crack injection, confined space injection work, hydro-power water-stop and contact grouting, specialty resins (polyurethane, epoxy, acrylamide, acrylic), water stop, void fill.

  • Cement Grouting – Rock grouting (Microfine/HE Cement), Non-Shrink grout placement, concrete restoration, water testing.

  • Cellular Grouting – High and low output operations

  • Thermal Grouting – Specialty thermal grouting operations

  • Mining – Surface and underground grouting works, shaft grouting

Types of Sites Serviced

  • Surface Mine Sites

  • Underground Mine Sites

  • Tunneling Projects

  • Hydro Electric Dams

  • Shored Excavations

  • Heavy Civil Construction – Bridges, Grade Separations, Culverts

  • Residential Construction – Parking garages, foundations, elevator shafts

  • Municipal Infrastructure – Manholes, valve chambers, shafts, pipes

  • Underground Concrete Structures – Pools, Reservoirs, Cisterns

  • Industrial Facilities – Refineries, Power Plants, Factories

Grant Davis’s Projects